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Black and Gold Noose Necklace


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An unforced artistic expression of a woman’s figure.
Naturally occuring curves and loops full of power and beauty.
Bearing nothing but the highest natural qualities of who you are.
Provoking inner natural insticts of desire, this is a design to be adored,
a design,… to express your femininity.

Match it with yours, unleash or tame it as you please, this is a noose design,
with a golden round charm, an amazing feel from thick beautiful and unique canabis hair,
in a loose rope arrangment leading to a fringe and a golden leather tube element.

Wear it with an open-neck evening dress or create your own contrast with a t-shirt and cardigan.



Natural Cannabis Rope
Golden round charm
Gold leather tube
Leather details

Approxiamte  length: 50 cm