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PHOTO ABOUTThe philosophy of Eleanna Katsira designs is to create bags, sandals &accessories that have authenticity, are practical and at the same time simple with a twist.

All designs are handmade; were traditional craftsmanship meets innovation and quality stands out from the first cut to the final lacing.

Bags are designed with passion for quality, combined with a refined taste and love for age old techniques of leather hand tooling and hand braiding with a modern twist. Eleanna Katsira bags are stylish and timeless making each design a bag for life.

Unique design leather sandals are made from high quality Greek leather and crafted rope with leather straps. Rope is characteristic of Eleanna Katsira sandals throughout the years and her collections.

Accessories are statement pieces with inspirational theme. Leather, horse hair tail, semi-precious stones & hammered metal blend together for unique creations.



PHOTO BIOI was born and raised in Athens, Greece.

Studied Business Administration, practiced the profession in various companies, but eventually decided it was time to make a change in my professional life and dedicate myself to my big passion.

In 2011 I decided to design & create handmade women’s accessories at my home studio. It is a challenge for me to create hand crafted accessories, hand bags & leather sandals.

I design bags that have geometric, yet simple lines, and can be worn in different ways and different occasions, with the technique of sewing – hand laced.

Regarding the hand crafted jewelry, I tend to experiment with alternative materials, such as, zippers, ropes in conjunction with, leather, unique metals or semiprecious stones.

The unique design leather sandals are made from high quality vegetable tanned Greek leather and crafted from rope and leather straps. Rope and leather are material that inspires me. The leather is so natural and you can create almost everything combined with the rope.

All of my designs are handmade completely from scratch and made with love.

I have attended in various trade shows and exhibitions, “Michalis Kakogiannis Institution” Exhibition and Athens fashion trade show in Greece. As well as, In Bed with Designer – Hong Kong (receiving top 3 designs award) & Premium Exhibition Show- Berlin

Get to know me better through my you tube video!